Monolith THX satalite CBT

Hi all,

I don't know that much about the limitations of CBT line arrays, but can a bunch of small 4.5 inch coax drivers be effectively used in a line array or CBT with 4m listening distance?

I know these measure very well:

Erin is about to release a spinorama on them that looks promising apart from SPL limitations/distortion.

80db/1w each, but they are very cheap.

What do you think?
A one page summary of a CBT array vs. a straight line array is given at:

I've built both types of arrays. A CBT array has several advantages vs. a straight line array.

Typically, a coax driver isn't a good performer in such applications--the high frequency tweeters have large center-to-center separations which are problematical as frequency increases.

That being said, I encourage you to stack some small speakers together and listen to how they sound to you.