monitors for home studio?

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I'm planning to make a home studio for recordings and I want to build the monitors.Any good idea?
What about a 2-way D'Appolito?
Passive or active?
A lot of monitors for studios are active but I think it's better to use passive with an external amp.I'm wrong?
Waiting for help!
That be hard...

What are you really looking for? Monitors that are really good, or monitors for eventual release of music? Either way, these speakers are different - they should be designed for near-field work unless you really have a big studio. It is different from home or PA stuff.

Either way, it would be hard to beat the commercial stuff. You can find the Hafler near-field kit for less than $300, with amp. Going active is usually more money, but once you hear the Genelecs, see the abuse they take, they are worth the big bucks they get.
I don't have problem to use active or passive cause I'll build the amp too.I prefer not to buy a kit cause I want to build them by myself.
The difference between the active and the passive monitors is that the active has active xover?Or it's only that the second ones have the amp inside the cabinets?
Cause I prefer to have the amp separetely.
For some very nice liitle studio monitor, in an MTM format, and designed by a guy with two decades of experience, and a good ear, look at (smaller ME2)

or the larger version

with construction diagram at,

There is a larger floorstanding version that's harder to build (although not as hard as everyone makes out) called the Ariel. I have a pair nearing completion, that I may use for recording at some remote locations. I use a big-ol' custom horn system for my main monitors, as well as STAX electrostatic phones.

I have heard the Ariels and they are very, very good tonally, about 94dB efficient, a fairly even 4R load and have lightning dynamics, that are getting towards horns or 'stats. For what they will cost to build, you will not do better IMO. Only real limitation s a lack of deep bass quantity, but not quality.

Chris Brady has a very interesting and simple to build matching sub-woof at

The Ariel and ME2 have a number of constructor sites around the world, and help from them is usually forthcoming.

Whilst you are at the Aloha site, take a look at Lynn's library of articles. Makes for some interesting reading.

Hope this helps. Good luck!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.