Molex connectors for internal speaker wiring


2010-09-28 3:14 am
What connectors are best for internal speaker wiring. I'm looking for internal speaker wiring that can connect/disconnect as needed without degrading the sound. Someone recommended using Molex connectors for this purpose and crimping no solder. Are there any better alternatives?

Molex is good from standpoint of very cost effective and they carry lots of current as they are designed for power. They also have positive lock and unlock. Crimped spade connectors or bullet style automotive connectors work well too. Crimped flat connector with holes can be connected with bolt and nut and covered in insulation tape. My favorite is crimped split spade with terminal block with screws.

Least expensive are crimped spade connectors, get ones with insulation cover boots.

Most reliable for high vibration environment like car or boat are Molex.