Molding a cone for DIY widerange 8" driver

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I am currently trying to make my own cone for a midrange speaker. I am using the Eminence Delta 8A that had a rather dull sound from its cardboard-looking cone. I replaced the cone yesterday with a cone made of very thin paper with long fibers of 25 gram per 10 sheets of A4. The paper is almost transparent and even if it sounded better with more detail in the midrange, the cone was to fragile. I tried to glue ribbons of the paper and it improved but it still sounds a bit frizzy, especially when highpassed below 200Hz. I don't think gluing more paper ribbons on top of an existing cone is a good approach, so I am now trying to use the same type of paper to mold my own cone against a cone mold. The Eminence has a 14 Tesla-Meters BL and does play pretty good deep midbass for PA 8" mid driver. I am cincerned that the voice coil is a bit too heavy to be used as a widerange, almost fullrange. Goal is to make a midrange that is super clear between 200Hz-2500Hz, with a nicer tone than from the usual cardboard paper.
It has a 2" voice coil and this should make it more stable in the midbass, but I think a 1.5" or a 1.2" VC would be better. Looking at Lowther and Feastrex they use a much lighter voice coil. I really like my Saba Greencones with an even smaller diameter V, about 2cm in diameter, but they become overloaded and frizzy sounding when playing at party levels.
I am asking for thoughts about the perfect VC diameter of your favourite midrange drivers.
Should I scrap the Eminence Delta 8A motor and use something closer to a Lowther for that ultra refined midrange I seek?


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Short answer, buy a Faital Pro aluminum wire coil speaker, meant for mid bass, not subwoofer.

VERY well made, and with reasonably wide band, reach way higher than any standard round copper wire coil, and of course have excellent cones, way better than anything anybody can do at home.
Quoting from memory:
Copper: 8.9 grams per cubic centimeter
Aluminum 2.7 grams per cubic ventimeter.

Yup, 3 times lighter.

2 times lighter in practice because you need slightly thicker wire for same resistance, but anyway difference is HUGE.
Aluminum: 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter.


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