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MOFO's for local pickup in Copenhagen (Denmark)


2017-11-25 11:50 pm
I have built two rather extreme version of MoFo using 20 kg chokes (73 mOhm) and large audio grade Jensen capacitors as output caps. I also built two PSUs for the MoFo's (CLC using 4-pole Jensen Capacitors). I can sell MoFo's with or without PSU's. PSU's are about 25-26 VDC with low ripple. MoFo's are adjusted to about 3A bias which causes the heatsink to reach about 54 C. They played very nice music but I now have M2X mono blocks built into nice chassis and MoFo + PSU's takes up much space and "blocks" a bit for new builds. So I want to see if there was a Dane that could be interested in MoFo's with or without PSUs…...before I disassemble and put into boxes for later use of components.

Price would be taking the most expensive components like chokes, heatsink, Jensen Capacitors, trafos and divide by two. So MoFo's alone would be 5000 DKK for both. 5000 DKK was the price for the two special made chokes. The two PSUs would be 3000 DKK for both but would not sell those alone (only MoFo's alone).


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