MOFO power transformer psu

Please bear with me, i just want to get it right what you are trying to tell me.
So if i custom wind a choke for this project, which one below is a better option?

A) All "E" iron laminates on one side, and all "I" iron laminates on the other, thus having a small air gap along the joining potion.
B) Both "E" and "I" iron laminates interlace each other alternately, no air gaps.

A or B ? is more preferred for Mofo?



2011-01-08 1:38 pm
^ It should be minimal, 110V version of MOT's have a lower DCR than 220V version of the other countries.

Meanie, Thanks for the info,. I would like to ask, if you have some guide to build a chokes?
it's a pity that I don't know how to measure the DC current of chokes using the length of stacks.


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2003-05-29 2:57 am
Maybunga, Pasig City
I read about MOT's being used.
Is some DC resistance useful, or should it be minimal?
After all, it is not really difficult to separate a MOT and rewind it. With thicker wire.

MOT's are run with higher flux density so they get hot after about 20 minutes...

to use them will require primary winding rewinds as well..