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Mofo+Hammond 193V+Nichicon ST

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For sale a pair of completed Mofo boards plus a pair of Hammond 193V chokes for big mofo(24V supply and 2.5A bias) and Nichicon Super Through 15000uf 50V pair output caps.So all parts that you need by building a verry good mofo amp.All parts verry good condition,used but truly good condition,only the caps have some minor signs of use.Price for all together is 200 euro plus shipping inside EU.The shipping cost will not be low becouse the two chokes have over 10kg of weight.So plese ask first for shipping price.
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So,I can put only a foto of inbuild boards becouse there is some interest for buying a complete amp and I will not put the amp yet apart.But to the mofo I can say,the pcbs are from Prasi,Iv used Takman metal film resistors and carbon film.The input cap is Mundorf Evo Silvergold oil 2,2uf 450V,the ouput transistor is Irfp250 like in original schematic,the output cap is Nichicon Super trough 15000uf 50V(big cap)conected with kimber tc wires to the board and of course a Hammond 193V for choke(this are like new,becouse I first used smaller hammond for 19V mofo and bias 1.7A) and now with this you can build big mofo with 24V supply and 2.5A of bias.


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