Modular Tube Preamps/Power Amps/Cabinets


2016-06-29 9:05 am
Hey all!

My first post, so hi to everyone.

I've been studying basic electronics, and I've been thinking about starting a build project, maybe a clone tube amp -- however, I was wondering if some of you advanced builders who are also guitarists have ever built totally MODULAR guitar amps that you can mix and match (that are designed to be totally compatible with each other?)


A Vox style preamp
(plugged into a)
Marshall style power amp
(plugged into a)
Fender style cabinet

Dumb example but you get the idea?

And does anyone like mixing and matching like this or do they just prefer to keep it "combo style". I'd like to hear people's experiences if they have any relating to this sort of thing.

For instance, Jim Marshall swapping out the 6L6 tubes for KT66 tubes in the power amp stage changed the sound of the bassman "style" amp. So having a separate 6L6 power amp, and a separate KT66 power amp might be fun for instance.

Anyway. Let me know.