Modifying a sony DVP 9000ES SACD Player

I have a newbie kind of questin about the DAC chips in the sony DVP-9000ES.
I have bought a Zap Filter from LC-Audio that i want to install after the dacs replacing the output stage.

But the DSD DAC:S that are inside confuses me.

I have a copy from the service manual and it seams to be two DAC chip in there.

CXD9556AQ DA Converter, digital filter
CXA8042AS Current Pulse D/A

The CXD9556AQ has 8 ouputs labeled.


Are these balance analog outputs ?? Because these are conected to the other DA chip's CXA8042AS (one CXA8042AS for each chanell) .
CXD9556AQ |CXA8042AS | OPA2132PA
|R1- |---------|IN1- IO1+ |---/------
|R1+|---------|IN1+ IO2- |--/
|R2- |---------|IN2- IO1- |--\
|R2+|---------|IN2+ IO2+ |---\------
|L1- |----
|L2- |----

IO1+ and IO2- are conected and IO1-and IO2+are conected.

Where can i connect the Zap Filter ???

After CXD9556AQ or after CXA8042AS ?? Wgere is the signall not digital anymore ???

Sorry for this newbie question but any help would be much apriciated. Maybe I could scan this part of the service manual, or is that against forum regulations.