modifying a commercial receiver for digital output?


2004-07-12 2:30 am
i have not found any thread talking about that..
since it seems that licenses are required to purchase and use dsp surround chips with dolby and such on it

i am asking myself, why not use an already existing receiver, and mod it to get digital outputs for all channels?

what do you guys think ? possible ?

most of the recievers on the market out to use the same dsp chips from cirrus or ti nah?

the thing is that a complete receiver with its switchings an in/outs + video switching is a very good thing i believe,
and would save a lot of problems due to switching.

But it still lacks seperate digital outputs wich i need.

just let me know if again, my idea is plain stupid

i don't mind much opening up a harman avr that is worth 3-500$ if that brings me what i need at the end
with some electronic modifications!

thanks for your time as always