Model III

Well, here are the first iteration of the S.P.Q.R. Model III plans. No cut sheet yet but this should be enough for those that have shown interest in getting started on the enclosure now.

(As Usual) These plans and all contents herein are copyright, 2008 Thomas Petzwinkler. They are intended for DIY use only, any and all commercial use will be viewed as a violation of the copyright holders rights under the law and will be prosecuted accordingly.

I wish it was a world in which I didn't have to add that. Ah well...



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    3-4 view xray with dim.gif
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Ok, I have updated the plan. The enclosure is now 60 inches high. This will be ideal for building with Baltic Birch. The only alteration this made was driver height. The driver height went from 36 inches to 34 1/4" from ground to center of driver. This should be better than 36 as most builders will be putting spikes on the cabinet which will raise driver axis to around 36 inches anyway.

Link to new file.

Thanks for the input Dave! Good luck everyone!