MMT Vifa Project Opinions?

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I've been working with this particular woofer for a very long time in various projects now and I finally came up with a design that I think works. Hoping I could get some opinions as to what people think, any problems or issues that I have not considered?

woofers Vifa P13WH-00-08 (2)
tweeter Vifa ring radiator XT25TG30-04 (1)

I temporarily finished one speaker, kind of a make shift thing and so far I find the results very positive. Vocals are extremely open and the mids and highs are very smooth.
The crossover is kind of a 1st and second order two and a half way mix with one of the P13's running full range with no crossover on it. I believe this woofer is smooth enough in it's roll off to do this. The only problem is that it is extremely weak in the bass hence the .5 part of the design with the second P13, this helps a lot with the baffle step issues.

Cabinet being considered here is a .75 cubic ft enclosure tuned to 60 hz.
I have attached a diagram of the crossover (don't know if I did it right so I hope it shows up). If it didn't I will post the particulars of the components in a follow up post.

Looking forward to some critiques before I continue to finalize things.


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I will run similar project shortly. 2 way in fact, but seeing yours I will consider another 5' woofer for the bottom end (but not P13). IMO, this kind of speaker really depends on the cabinet! So, I will wait for your result before wasting time on 2.5 system plan :D

The XT is gritty at the top, and the bottom end is sooo... efficient? dificult to explain, it's just doesn't fit with the smoothness of the Vifa top end.

With your x-over, I would imagine you would need to tweak the 16uF zobel by ears in finished enclosure.

With P13 I think I would prefer MTM, and workout the cabinet for bass performance. It's dificult to imagine how big is your enclosure in cubic foot :(

I will shortly build the best possible small vented bookshelf using P13. The tweeter will be Dynaudio D21. 2nd order. No compensation circuit. I will use any system as reference including yours. Keep posting please. :D

Cabinet being considered is .75 cubic ft. tuned to 60 hz. or maybe larger tuned a bit lower I don't know?
It has been suggested in another forum that running the first P13 full range may not be the best option :( because of the off axis performance at the fc will be seriously deminished. I hope someone with experience doing this can chime in here. Also spacing at the fc is not ideal between the tweeter and woofer ( fc being approx. 6000 hz.)
I don't know?? Tonaly my prototype sounds soooo sweet , I just wish there was a way to continue on the path that I'm going yet avoid some of the technical pitfalls that I'm encountering.

It seems all the other x-over options that I have tried in the past do not compare sound wise to the option I'm considering here.
This option really seems to stay away from that spitty,bright quality that I look to avoid when choosing a particular sound.
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