MMG-W as a Mid panel?


2011-08-20 6:02 am
I was considering a few different midrange drivers for a DIY speaker, and came across a pair of MMG-W for a reasonable price and wondered how they would work as a midrange panel? Crossed to another panel type tweeter and some cones on the low end.

As they are to be mounted on a wall, I also wonder how the the MMG-W interact with walls opposed to other Magnepan speakers?

Thanks in advance.


2009-07-18 8:16 pm
Price is I seen for$300-350 pr or tell you if you dont own a pr of you like panels sound....for the money vary hard to beet...ESL are my first...Apogge type maggys...if I had to I could live with any of them....for ever...........
lot fun ...great sound..vary 3D likey no this....