MM Phono Stage Kit recommendations $50-70.

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I bought and reconditioned a Technics SL1600 TT for my nephew.

He said at first it sounded weak but then said all was fine.

So recently he said he loved it and we were talking about his setup.

He has a Pioneer receiver and unknown name speakers. So I confirmed he plugged the TT into the Phono jacks and he said no, the Aux jacks. This newer receiver has no Phono stage.


So I told him he needed a Phono Stage. I got a really DUMB look. Man.... he did NOT want to deal with it.

So for value sake, I figured I'd buy a kit and put it together for him for Christmas. Or buy a used Phono Stage if someone can make a recommendation in that price range for used that is better than the kits at this price.


Kits in the other threads STARTED at $150. YIKES!

You can try to get a 2nd hand project phono box or similar (NAD PP1?). These are pretty conservative units that should be cheap to get (they cost new about your budget) and do pretty ok.

Should fuel his enthusiasm as bass will come back ;)

Building a kit is IMHO likely to be more expensive as already the pc-boards manufactured in small quantities are expensive and can easily eat all your budget (and more).
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Hi h_a,

As always you have your finger on the pulse. No Bass.

As far as all your suggestions everybody, I thank you all. I probably will continue to look for something used rather than PCB's and then sourcing parts. Even the kits or really just partial kits, need so much moore for completion. Most have no power and other things for this gift to be complete.

So, I doubt I could have it ready by December 25th.

So unless someone knows of an overachiever complete kit that can be done in a few hours, I'll probably look into used as h_a said. But I didn't see anything out there either. LOL

There is a banner ad posted on the forum for Home Page. They help pay the bills here. Does anyone have any experience with their Phono Pre's? Maybe this one will get the job done nicely: TCC TC-750LC Phono Preamp TCC TC-750LC Details and Hookup

Any input is always appreciated!
G'day all, there are some pretty good phono preamp kits around, but my ultimate recommendation is the excellent ESP P06.

Over the years I've built six of them I think (I've lost count), for different applications and it's a superb design in every way!

Thankfully all the required parts are easy to obtain and it's an easy preamp to build and get going! Regards, Felix.
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