MLTL/Folded or better for these woofers


2018-07-03 9:11 pm

First if let me explain- I suck at math. Math gives me cancer..

I'm used to using "modelers"/"programs" to figure out the cabinets for all my builds.

But the for what I want I can't figure out, no matter how much reading I do. I'm just an idiot- which is ok, I'm better at other things.

Was hoping to get help mocking up plans for something for RSS399-HF, OR PA460. My speakers I'm converting into MLTL- but only because a dude was awesome enough to do the same thing and share the plans..

I even resorted to using boxplans xls from a site but even I can't get them to work.

Was hoping the fellows here would step in and help a diyer obtain what he wants. Also yes I know there is a horn sub based around RSS the THTLP but I want something more for extension.

I currently have two 390s, and some time ago I made 11CUFT ported cabs for them. Yesterday I added some string to stop stuffing from falling and filled 1/4 of it with polyfill. I have to say they are doing well, but there is no math behind my build. Looking to get something back by sound logic and not just taking my cabs I designed go like 10hz tune and filling 1/4 with stuffing.

Help me diyers, your my only hope.. lol
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