MKC-1862 capacitors


2006-09-30 5:45 am
In case you don't know, PC is out of production for the most part.

Electronic Concepts is making their own film now and others that offer PC are using up current stock of PC film.

Polycarbonate has been replaced by PPS, but evidently some don't like the difference at high temp.

Roderstein may still have some PC, but it is always very expensive.

The few PC caps in Newark are around $50 or more.

If you must have PC, you could try surplus houses, but they won't have much.

If you are using it for audio, in my opinion metallized is not the way to go.

10uf will probably be at least $100 each. Mark


2006-09-30 5:45 am
While checking on how the supply of PC was holding up I found one supplier of MKC on not given, and if you are not a big and verifyable company they may not reply to your RFQ.

Send RFQ
Company Linecard
RH Distributors

* 17332 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 110
* Irvine, CA, 92614
* Headquarters
* (949) 748-5800 Phone
* (714) 464-5490 Fax
* [email protected]

There still seems to be a good supply out there and also an excuse to charge many times what it is worth. There may be a new supplier.

Vishay/Roderstein still provides the 1862 data sheet with no supply notice in view. It does say "not for new design."

Also, my Roderstein catalog says the 1822 is MKT1822 which is met polyester.