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MK2 Modified Hiface


2007-02-06 12:43 am
A new version of the modified Hiface is available. This now includes an internal battery charger. The device now draws no power from the USB connection & has again improved the sound! A 9V to 12V DC supply is plugged into the 2.1mm socket. When the unit switched on this acts as the power source for the 5V & 3.3V internal regs. When the unit is switched off, it powers the internal battery charger. Charging takes place until the batteries are full & the charger turns off. This is also plug & forget arrangement.

Here's what an upcoming review said about it:
there is a definite improvement with the Mk2. So what changed? Well, the space and resolution around individual instruments and singers was improved, which led to a much better appreciation of the soundstage. Better depth, width and height were readily apparent. I could detect no downsides to this: there was no trace of any kind of glare or harshness, listening fatigue never set it. In fact this unit was responsible for more than a few late nights chez Morrin. A curious thing: I found myself not needing to turn up the volume to hear small details in the recordings. These improvements, coupled with the neat box it’s now housed in, and the built in charger, all make this a significant step up from the Mk1.