Mixer mods

I have an Allen and Heath mixer. 1977 model. Among many future mods, the one i'd like to do soon is to change the power supply. The present power supply is pretty old and tired. a bit to much hiss and a bit of 60Hz hum. Ihave a power supply from another console that got parted out. It is a pretty good power supply. It will give me 48v for phantom, 12v for lighting etc, 5V for meters and leds. The only drawback is that the old board is designed for 24V dc channel strips. My newer more improved power supply puts out 18V dc. I am kind of thinking that the newer more sophisticated power supply may in the end have very close to the same average power but I am no expert. Opinions appreciated


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Use the 'new' supply you have for everything but the 24Vdc, and build a good linear supply for that. Put both in an external case. Linear DC supplies are easy to design and pretty generic. Lots of tips here on how to improve the performance of them too.

Using the 18Vdc supply in the second supply you have may prove problematic for operating the existing circuits as there may be parts of the circuitry that need 24V and won't work properly without it. You need all the schems to decide thi, and it'd be easier to design a new 24V linear.