Mix CD

Bill Fitzpatrick said:

I talked to one kid who wanted the same thing. I asked if he just wanted the thump so others on the road could hear it and maybe think he was cool. He admitted that was the case. Is that what you're after?

No not really, I dont really turn my system up loud. only when i go to competitions or something. Although sometimes that is the case but rearly. just want something to make em thump thats all :D or when there is someone who pulls up next to me, they think there system is bad, thats when i crank it up :D
Staticjeep said:
or when there is someone who pulls up next to me, they think there system is bad, thats when i crank it up :D

To me that's a waste of your good hearing and not a lot better than other forms of air polution. Do you guys have that little respect for others?

If you do, I suggest you don't pull up next to me.

They do it for car shows so people that are looking at the cars can walk past and watch a bit of the movie while seeing the audio setup in the trunk

OK thanks now I understand why its back there, though the reasoning still makes 0 sense to me. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, right? ;)

maybe one day he'll understand when he gets into this kind of stuff.

Don't hold your breath. Frankly, you couldn't pay me to get into that kind of 'stuff'. :whazzat:

All the same, check out that mix CD (soundbombing 2), I'm telling you it is the kind of thing you are looking for. Also, look for an album by the Propellerheads called 'decksanddrumsandrockandroll', it has very dynamic, very low bass. Also anything by Roots Manuva should do, especially the track 'clockwork' will be impressive.
god i hate it when people

Hey folks,i think static has a point i hate it when some fool comes rollin up next to me playin his little 6's and 12's so i just crank up my 6 15 inch audiobuhns and let em have an earfull but i dont listen to rap i listen to what they call metal,stuff like rammstien and pantera "may god rest dimebags soul in heaven forever.". But nothing beats the heat when you got 6 15 inch speakers in the back of a ford escort thumping out the sweet sound of rammstien's duhast hey jeep try that song out . rammstien - duhast,if youve ever seen how high youve heard that song.:D SO HAVE FUN CRUSHING THOSE PUNNY BASTARDS THAT TRY TO SHOW OFF BRO :)