Mission Super 770 speaker data

I recently acquired a set of drivers and crossovers in excellent condition for a set of Mission Super 770 speakers. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any data on the cabinets. The company sent me packing insisting all data is proprietary. They wouldn't even give me the exterior dimensions so I could estimate the volume. If anyone owns a set of these or knows a source for data on them, please let me know. Ideally, I would like the interior dimensions, driver spacing and orientation, vent size and placement, and cabinet compostion but will definitely appreciate any data I can get. The data on the drivers would be a great help if I need to design the cabinet from the ground up. A digital image would also be gratefully accepted. Happy listening.

The speakers I have (four 8" woofers and two 1" soft dome tweeters have black labels with white lettering that all say "Mission" (duh) across the top and "model super 770" across the bottom. The crossovers are built onto the binding post plate and not biwireable. If your drivers are the same I would appreciate your help. Do you have a digital camera for some pics?
Hmmm, the second woofer must be where the "super" comes from. I think I am finally going to have to use Audua SpeakerWorkshop and measure the drivers and build from scratch. I had thought this would be an easy project (the engineering already done and all). To bad Mission wouldn't come through for me. Is the port in the front or the rear of your speakers? Thanks for your help.

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