Mission speakers Any ideas on the Audax 110mm driver

I just took a chance on a pair of 110mm Audax drivers on eBay
Price was a giveaway [ $30- posted] but I have been unable to find any data for the polymer framed midrange. All the seller has indicated is that they are spare parts from the Mission M5, and new and his last pair

I don't need them but I was interested in how good they could be for the money
Seller will post soon so they will arrive by the end of the week
These are eBay pix
I'll add details when the drivers arrive early next week


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2012-02-10 12:12 pm
That is a nice little unit, I'd build a 5 litres cabinet (assuming tsp off as usual) and aim for a 3kHz xo point to a small flange neo tweeter for the most compact baffle design. I am in the middle of a similar build, only a 6.5" midwoofer in a sealed cabinet.


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Just a quick update on using these. I have a mate who is interested in some small but high quality speakers for computer use and back ground noise while working from home.
I couldn't get acceptable bass on their own but when I added in a .5 Dayton 4" woofer at ~200Hz and changed the limiting coil to 0.47mH with a big tweeter [25mm silk dome] they really started to sing. Small sealed box for both drivers ~ 3 litres for each; as my mate may use a subwoofer