Mission Cyrus 780 bookshelf speakers don't work


this is my first post/thread on this forum so i hope i'm posting in the correct place and hopefully somebody can give me some advice.
i haven't used my hifi for about 10 years or so and decided to set it up again recently.

it consists of:
mission cyrus 2 integrated amplifier
philips cd 850-mkII cd player
mission cyrus 780 bookshelf speakers
cable talk talk 3.1 bi-wire speaker cable
cambridge audio interconnects

everything still looks in great condition which i'm very proud of but my speakers are in trouble. the woofer does not work on one speaker and the tweeter does not work on the other. as its been so long since i used the system at first i thought i had wired the speakers incorrectly or something but that is not the case and it now seems that there is something wrong with the speakers. i opened them up and although i know nothing about the workings of speakers everything looks in order and theres no sign of any obvious damage inside or out. the broken woofer and its connections look the exact same as the working woofer (i haven't opened the tweeter yet).

can anybody advise me where to start looking for a problem/damage? can speakers just stop working after not being used for so long? is there a way to test the various components of the speakers?

any help would be very much appreciated as i would really love to have the system working again.