Mission 767 speakers

I recently purchased a pair of Mission 767 speakers that came with the separate LFAU (low freq alignment unit). Even though everything is working perfectly I still wanted to know what the internal crossover looked like and to inspect the caps so I opened one speaker up and took some pics of the crossover.

Each speakers has two woofers, two midrange drivers and a single tweeter in the middle. The external LFAU is essentially an external active crossover for just the woofers so the internal passive crossover only handles the midrange and tweeter drivers.

What makes no sense to me is that there doesn’t appear to be any capacitors on the crossover, just two round inductors and a number of resistors. I can't find a single capacitor. Does this make sense? I have not wanted to pull the tweeter or midrange drivers to see if there is a second stage crossover behind them because these drivers are so sealed they did not come off easily.
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with these speakers to shed some light on the internals? Of course I have been completely unable to find a schematic for these speakers.

Any help or insights would be appreciated.


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I see 2 or 3 caps
( yellow and blue ) in the link above me.
we call them 'box' caps otherwise film caps

don't break it hehe

I just wasn't familiar with box caps having never seen them. The speaker wiring to the xover doesn't have enough slack to pull it out of the speaker enclosure to inspect it. As great as these speakers sound, I don't think I am getting what I should be getting out of the upper range based on the speaker's specs. I have upgraded caps in a number of vintage speakers with higher end capacitors and was happy with the results.

What kink of reputation do these square "box" caps have? Are they considered higher end or budget caps?
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