Missing datasheet for 12" Mckenzie


2016-05-31 6:44 pm
Hello :)

(Sorry in advance about my inexperience both with this forum & my audio knowledge)

I have picked up 2 custom cabs each with 2 12" Mckenzie C1285 TC.
I'm trying to work RMS but the only data i can find is the label on the magnet.
Power: 85watt, Ohm: 8.

I want to be sure of what amp to buy, but not sure if the single data of power is the full power or the rms. Each cab has a tweeter, so all together i was looking at a 300watt amp. My thought process was try the setup with the 300W at very low level then slowly bring it to half way. If it sounds clean & respectively loud enough at half way, then look at reducing with a lower wattage amp. Visa versa, if the sound is not up to scratch at half way.

Thank you