Mismatched Supply Rail Leads?


2011-11-26 4:57 am
Not sure if this question should be posted in “Solid State” or “Construction Tips”. Sorry if its in the wrong place. I’m presently rebuilding an old Adcom GFA-545 MKI amplifier. Upon reassembly, I cut the B- rail lead to short going to the PS. I lifted the board and replaced the existing 16 guage wire with 14 guage. After putting it back together, I wondered if the difference in wire sizes between the B- and B+ leads would cause an imbalance. The leads are only 2-4 inches long. Is this a concern. I guess I could fire it up (bad choice of words) and measure the difference. I don’t think it will make a significant difference. Theoretically I probably should replace all the leads the same 14 guage wire even on the other channel. Comments?


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
Say you go to and from work on a dual-lane highway. And somehow both to and from are identical.

The town re-paves one side to be 0.001% smoother/faster. Is your to/from travel now unbalanced?

I don't think you can measure a difference (without fantastic equipment).

I think even #16 is WAY more than it needs for clean speech/music playing. The #16 may be designed for severe bench-testing loads. Or not really designed so much as "this feels OK".