I've never heard of Misco. Read about their Yamaha clone for NS-10 replacements and looked at their products.
Some interesting drivers. Not too expencive. Have anyone tried Misco drivers?
6.5 FR: 6.5" (165 mm) 8 Ohm, Single Driver Loudspeaker
12": 12" (305 mm) Pro-Audio Woofer/Subwoofer




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2005-08-16 4:21 pm
they build one famous FR to spec - like dealing with Eminence, its a custom job and must be ordered in quantities. Look at their 6x9 fullrange which can be directly purchased. I'd love a custom 12LTA with 56 ounce magnet from Eminence but min. order might be 50 or 100 units once the prototype is deemed acceptable maybe a "go fund me" :D

this is priced ok even considering their shipping is rather high - there's a 6.5" right next to it for >3X the price - their pricing makes little sense. I will admit, that 6.5 looks very nice.

6" x 9" (150 mm x 229 mm) Paper Cone and Whizzer, Full Range Speaker


This 4.5 with 12oz magnet looks good too

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Misco has been building drivers for a long time. I think they are responsible for at least some Omega, Hemp Acoustics (unlikely real hemp BTW), Wild Burrow. I have a pair of custom built drivers downstairs from them. They will take surprisingly small orders (10 units) but to get the price down one would need 50-100 units (unlikelyy the typical 1000 units from far east OEMs).