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Miscellaneous parts and boards

Hey all!
Have some miscellaneous parts and boards boards I no longer need.

  1. Peranders RFB02 Bridge Rectifier (rev 1, with 30CPQ100G diodes, see here) sold
  2. Sigma 11 (30V, The σ11 regulated power supply) $50
  3. DIY dual bridge rectifier (with 2x 1000uF 50V BG caps, and 8x MSR860 diodes) $50
  4. 2x Auricaps (1uf, 200V) $30 the pair
  5. Caddock MK132 resistors - 2x 2.7K, 1.5K, 330 and 75 $15 the each, $60 the lot
  6. Audioquest angles IEC adapter $12, new in box
  7. Furutech FI-03(R) Fused IEC inlet sold
  8. 2 pairs Furutech FP-800B(G) binding posts sold
  9. 1x Alps 100kax2 pot. sold

Let's say shipping is $10 for each time ($5 for the caps).
If you want everything, we'll sort something out :)


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