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MIRO AD1865 DAC working board for sale

Spare set of Miro AD1865 DAC for sale. i2s inputs on board.
Circuit design and board info available here:
You need a PSU and I2s source and a pair of single op amp for this DAC to function. I will not be providing the IV op amp, the op amp on the board in the picture is for illustration only.

Price is $100USD, and it covers the registered shipping worldwide from Singapore.
I have sold and delivered almost 30 items successfully to Europe, UK and US with zero problems.
My preferred transaction would be PAYPAL FF only. For members who are unable accept this mode of payment would have to skip this deal, i am sorry.

Important note : I am currently not at home till end of next week or so( about 5 days away), hence i can only ship after i got home.

I will always be happy to buy Miro a coffee as usual, for his generous sharing.
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Picture of the board for sale. MELF resistors in all the signal path. PSU bypass are nichicon and NCC, in parallel with MKP caps and also smd ceramic caps on the pads provisioned for them underneath the board.


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