Mirage S8 Rebuild?

I inherited a Yamaha amp and a Mirage setup from my father. I realize they do not make these speakers any longer but the speakers work great. My subwoofer, however, had a blown capacitor. I went to replace it and broke a few traces on the board upon removal. After repairing the traces, I blow a fuse every time I plug it in. :confused: I plan on going over everything one more time to see if I can find where I bridged my soldering...

That said, I have a great enclosure and driver just no amp.

If I cannot figure out where my problem is, does this make a good platform for a first DIY project?

Where would be a great place to start for info on amps for enclosures like this?



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2013-05-09 2:14 pm
Ft. Worth, TX
Any chance you have a DATS or T/S "jig" - if you could get parameters for that subwoofer, you could model and see the wattage and if any "boost" would help the final design and give you more confidence in the replacement amp.

Get a bright lamp, a magnifying glass and a DMM and go slow, taking breaks and even go back 2-3 times - you will find the mistake eventually.