Minion's Guitar circuits

filholder said:
any chance i could get details of your guitar preamp front end?

Here"s the basic layout :

It uses a Dual OPamp like the TL072 with the first half being used as a Buffer with a Gain of 2.2 and the other half gives it an adjustable gain of 10 ,so it has a total gain of 22 which is something like 45dB.... The output of the opamp goes into a standard Tone stack curcuit for adjusting Bass,Mid and Treble....

There is no real overdrive in this circuit but if you want a very simple Distortion circuit that sounds really good let me know and I"ll post it for you....



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Here is a Great Distortion/Overdrive circuit that works great with the preamp I posted...

It is set up to run off of a +15 supply but if you remove the 150r resistor from the Power input pin and just bet a wire in it"s place it will be ready for 9v if that is what you have to power it....

Also note that the 2N3904 NPN Transistors are shown in the wrong orentation, Just revers the Transistor from the way they are shown and you will be OK....

You use a 5k pot and a 100k pot to controll the Level and Distortion but if you want the distortion on all the way up all the time then you don"t need the Pots......



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Hi thanks for these,

Any chance of getting clean layers for printing at a predetermine dpi for the guitar preamp circuit. Also i noted there are no large reservoir caps on the power lines, i will be using a battery so none in the psu, what would you recommend, something like 47 uf per rails.