:: minimalist solid state preamplifier ::

Dear all:

Is this schematic good enough? :rolleyes:

I need preamp with following rule:
1. Minimalist
2. Single ended
3. No feedback
4. High headroom

Thanks & Regards:


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2002-05-15 1:12 pm
'Trust your ears, mind and heart. If it sounds good (and has low DC offset and no oscillation) it is good. '

Interesting advice here from AUD_MUT.......i am afraid i would have to disagree....profoundly.....it will probably sound excellent if you've built it yourself, and have nothing else to compare it with...

If prescription spectacles. aircraft wings, the combustion engine...etc were designed in this fashion the industrial revolution would still be a VERY distant gleam in mankinds collective eye......:eek:
Peter Daniel said:
Looks like one link for all pages. Choose DIY from menu and see CP3 preamp.;)

That is how a lot of framed sites work. You can often transmit a URL that doesn't take people to where you want. It is usually possible to grab the URL of the frame (control-key contextual menus on a Mac - "open frame in new window", on a PC i don't know). Here is the URL of the frame: