Minidsp experts?


2014-07-28 2:24 am
I am very new to DSP. I bought some two way speakers that I have to active cross and EQ. They are horn loaded speakers so I need things to be quiet. I have been looking at options. DEQX customers support sucks and I think they are over priced for what you get. Alot of people use a Xilica XP or XD 4080 for this but I have a steep learning curve and want to go with something I can figure out and there is a ton of info out there on minidsp and using REW. So I have a nice vinyl setup and want to hook my phono preamp to whatever I get. This means I want quality hardware for the A/D. I also have a benchmark DAC 2 I use with the music I have on the computer with JRiver. Finally I have a CD player I want to use. I think the minidsp DDRC-24 will do what I need or I could stepup to the newer SHD unit. I know the SHD has features I will never use but if it has much better hardware to give me better analogue quality I'm willing to spend the money. I did post on the minidsp forum with no replies... I do like keeping my business in the states and having someone I can talk with but have not found anyone. I did find Danville signal processing but they don't have anything that will work for me. Please any feedback will be appreciated.


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I've been using a MiniDSP SHD (the full version with analog I/O) for about 14 months now - very happy with it.
Running mid and HF horns with diy Onken bass bins on the bottom end. The crossovers are analog LR 24dB/oct I designed a couple of years ago - these drive tube SE amps (6 channels worth).

There is a thread about the SHD here if you search for it.