MiniDSP 2X8 Help

I sent this to miniDSP and posted it on their forum a few days ago and I have not received a response from either location. Maybe someone here has an idea.

I just recently hooked a couple amplifiers up that have meters to my 2X8. I noticed right away as soon as the amplifiers were turned on that the meters indicated that amps were putting power to the speakers with no signal. I thought ground loop so I only hooked up one amp and same results. I thought power supply so I used a 12V battery, same result. I disconnected the input side of the DSP, same result. I am using unbalanced input and balanced to unbalanced output.

I also notice that the main level on the front of the DSP has no effect. The output level dip switches change the level of the signal depending on their settings on or off. The signal is not there when the DSP is first powered on. After the blue led starts flashing the signal appears.

Performed factory default, reloaded firmware, same result. The level controls on the plug-in has no effect as well as the audio on and mute buttons.

I think it is time to dust off the O'scope


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That's a pretty significant level shown on the meter. Did you connect the drive and see what comes out?
Try to check for DC on the outputs of the MiniDSP using a DMM or scope. The scope would give you more info. If crossover and amp have different DC levels and are not AC coupled, you can get this problem. If both are not ground referenced (e.g. do not have a three prong plug) then this can potentially happen.

Take some measurements and then post the results. Otherwise one can only make guesses...