MiniDSP 2x8 as pro audio "driverack"

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Who here is using one for a driverack on their pro amplifiers? (Balanced)

I would like to do a 4 way active system and need 7 channels of DSP. The 8th could do stereo subwoofer processing, but not necessary.

Any issues?

I will mount in a 1ru metal case and have all XLR In's / outs (which is why I don't want the 4x10 in a box)
According to the linked plugin datasheet it has no limiters. Which in PA is a dealbreaker (IMHO) unless you use external limiters. No matrix mixer (just switcher) and very limited delay.

Lack of flexibility and lack of easy programming without PC is also a drawback.

It sure could be used if you can work around some of the limitations that could otherwise bite you. It all depends how you intend to use it.

If you count in the money needed around it to get the same functionality the Xilica XA-4080 or XP-4080 is not that much more expensive.

I would have bought the 2x4 balanced version of it had limiters.

I have to say that I have been tempted to do exactly what you describe for home use but I'm not sure I would trust it for PA use.
Well I really wasnt looking to spend the $1200...
I was eyeing the Behringer DCX but I don't know about reliability, and I'd have to run the midbass in mono due to only having 6 channels. So I'd rather not go that route...

If my amps have built in limiters and I use those, any negative effects to going this route?
It depends on the limiters and how you can set them.
It is fully possible to go without limiters if you are careful, but depending on the rig, it could take one careless unplugging of a guitar to do damage if you are unlucky. Especially if the tip hits the wrong metal part.

But in my opinion, you have to know that you don't need them, not wonder why you would need them.

I like things fool proof, there is no guarantee that a kid won't pull up all the faders and create a massive feedback that could blow your speaker. True story, I have never heard of a technician run and navigate a crowd that fast.

If you balance your system right you could easily do with a limiter before the filter if needed.
The more expensive the rig is the more robust it will likely be and could take the abuse of mishaps and the like.
Less expensive rigs might have to run closer to the edge and more likely to break when things go ooops.
got to this late.. I use 2 x MiniDSP 2x4 balanced and an external limiter. It works very well!

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