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Mini Speaker Boxes + Vifa D26NC-15 Tweeters


2011-09-19 8:39 pm
Small (about 4" x 8" x 6"deep) boxes made for M&K (one pair). Clearly these were CNC made. There is routing for a Vifa D26NC tweeter and a Peerless TC9 or TG9 3.5" driver. Both sides and back have another set of holes for an unknown passive radiator. Could make for a rather nice mini-speaker. I was going to seal up the boxes with 1/4" pannel and mount a small class D stereo amp inside and go active. But yet another project that never happened...

I want to include the D26 tweeters with the boxes as they are made for each other. Both boxes and tweeters are new, but a wee bit dusty from storage.

$50 for the lot plus shipping (from 02067)


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