Mini Hedlund Horn Cabinet

Hi Gents,
Stumbled across an old thread on the above. Wonder if anyone else has build it. In the drawing some
detail dimesions are missing. Would appreciate some feed back.

Many thanks

As always many thanks Dave, yes they do look pretty especially in down size version.
OT question what's your opinion of the TB W8-1808, there's a used pair at my end
for sale out of curiosity wondering if its a gd buy.

Thanks again
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Many thanks again Dave. What other 8 inch would you recommend. I've been modifying my Coral Flat 8 now sound totally from different from original much much better. Bought SB FR to compare. Aside from better HF SB just don't have the tone of the Flat 8s. Perhaps it's due to the thin cone. SB is pretty thick in comparison. Testing done on OB though.

Thanks again
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The 2 8” i have been most impressed with are the Visaton B200 and the SEAS FA22. The first is hard to put in a box, the latter is easy.

Both need phase plugs. Currently using FA22 downstairs. Using an ACA to drive them.


For the FA22 you have to add a couple notches in the base to clear the non-flat parts of the pole piece.

The Hedlund is pretty but the smooth curves mean too-much HF out the mouth. Mouth is also too small to go too low.

Dates from before we started seeing good design tools.

Too much work for what you get.

Well, all are entitled to their own opinion, but Hedlund Horns are designed as they are with an intetion to have a seemless transfer between bass and midrange, and they are tuned for excellent performance with Lowther DX2 or DX3 silver coils.
They where never intended to go lower than approx. 60-70 Hz since lower extension in bass will give compromises in the bass/midrange transfer linearity.
Hedlund Horns was designed with LMS as measuring tool. Still one of the best tools out there.