Mini Fulltone


2007-10-31 8:31 pm

I'm planning to build a pair of small full tone speakers. 3"- 4" drivers.
I've been looking at a few - Like the MicroFonken and the HiVi B3S in mini transmission-line

The plan is to drive them with the Charlize 2

Would this amp be sufficient to drive these speakers?
Is there a correction circuit used with this designs?
Or are there other designs better suited for this?

I'm quite new to DIY. The woodworking is no problem, but the rest - math and physics,
is not my forse... ;)

Could any one help?

Best regards
I would say the Charlize and all other TA2020/TA2024 Tripath based amps are a bit underpowered to drive the HiVi's properly.
Better look at the LM1875 or LM3875 Gainclones.
The HiVi B3S in the MLTL is fun to build and to play with. Sounds pretty good too (although the simulations are frightening).