mini bass horn


physically the same as my TROMBONE,
but 3,5 m and 2,7 m splitted in two parts,
size ~ 75x65x11 cm each, you can place it together
to get a place for a satellite, or you place between
both 3 bridges to make a armchair like my BASSEL
without the back and smaller, much smaller.

Or flat at the wall behind a flat TV.

take AJ horn and compair it to the KORNETT simulations and measurements.


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Holy crap, I didn't think there was such a thing! I'm planning on building a mini subwoofer, but damn, that could make a micro subwoofer! :eek:

Their graph shows response to 20khz, I wonder how good they'd sound full range with a tweeter. Would make some nice small 20W speakers if they sound good.

Wonder why they make a 2" subwoofer? Are they putting things like this in small portable stereo's for better bass output?

How big are you planning on making the horn? I doubt these will be really low or loud, but for small speakers with decent sound, these look like an option.


2005-01-25 11:16 am
Hi, Tangband lists recommended response to 1 kHz, so I assume it's not suitable for fullrange operation. They make fullrange drivers of this size as well, they're probably a better bet for 20 kHz.

There are lots of trade-offs involved in speakerbuilding. Larger drivers can handle more power, but the cones can have more resonances. Smaller units can sound cleaner, but feasible SPL can be a problem. It depends on your situation and preferences what you choose.