Milbert BAM-235AB

Recently acquired on of these beasts, been lusting after one since I first read of their existence back in the early 90's. It arrived with all 4 power supply bipolar transistors blown open, rather than sourcing replacements I converted it to use TO-220 packaged logic level MOSFETs, for reliability's sake. It now works well but I can't seem to locate a manual online for it. Milbert's website says to email them and they will provide one, but I haven't heard anything in nearly a week's time and their phone number isn't working either. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone had any interaction with them or have they slowly faded away?


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Milbert may have been too busy writing this blog post. They're still around. Mostly vibin', it seems like.

The BAM-235 is a David Berning design. He's generous with schematics on his website support pages and would probably be happy to help you if you contacted him, especially since you've already repaired the amp.

I haven't seen any schematics for his Milbert products, so I don't know which circuit he prefers to use for his automotive circuits. The EA-230 didn't have a switching supply and I think the TF-10 preamp was the only product to use BJTs as power transistors. I've always been curious about what's going on in all of those Milbert amps.
Thank you for your reply,

Wow, a lot going on in that blog lol.

I sent an email to David, still no reply there either.

If you need specific info about these I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can. I still have it on the bench at this point, I’m playing music through it after work to make sure it doesn’t have any instability issues. So far though it absolutely SLAMS playing through my klipschorns, no issues whatsoever.