Might make projector website, Any imput?

Hey guys you probally haven't seen my around here but I lurk in the shadows reading most of the forums. I have made one low res projector, which was really fun to make and now am planning to build a High res one. Anyways back to the matter at hand. I am thinking of making a website for our community to post info, for example projector galleries, worklogs, guides/tutorials, databases of good panels/lcds. It would be great if I got some of the bigshots on the forum to write some articles for it as I really just know the basics. I am in no means trying to move people from here to there I just thought it would be nice as an addition. I probally wont even include a forum cuz this one rocks. I know Html, alot of photoshop, A bit of css, and I know enough php to edit other people scripts to do what I want. If I did start dont expect anything soon as I am going away for 3 weeks on the 7th and I work really slow.

Do you guys have any imput? Would you guys want this?


PS heres a sample of the color scheme so far. You guys an post suggestion of schemes/ideas if you want to go in another direction.


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