Midbass horns?

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I need a little help figuring out how to make a midbass (50-300 hz or so) midbass/bass horn for my newest line array project

I was going to use 8 10" midbasses in just a normal line... but I believe better results (and cheaper) can be had with a bass horn...

I would like to try a 2 15" or 2 12" (preferably the former) per tower midbass horn... I'm unsure about the length and the area "inceasing rate" of a horn like this

I would like it to look like this diagram, but I'm unsure if this would work...

two major questions. will this setup be louder than 8 10's ported??

and is seperating these two horns and having one side perfectly horizontal, will it work like I drew?


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Two things


You are in pretty dicey territory when you go into the mid bass. Our ears start to locate sound sources in this area. So that being said I reccomend something that will give the lowest distorsion of the lower mids as well. A straight horn. It doesn't need to be that big really.

CHeck out : http://www.users.bigpond.com/dmcbean/

Read the manual carefully and then input the correct parameters and simulate away. THere are other programs that will generate the correct horn dimensions on:


This will get you a good idea what you are getting into. Take note that you can mount two horns close together in an acoustical sense and they will couple in the lower range and act like a bigger horn. CLose in the mid base is around a 1/4 wavelength. For example 64hz would be close at 24" More like an MTM arangement. Take a good look at the rear volumes and if and or when you build the beasts be willing to play with the volume. This will help you get better low end down to the horn cutoff point.

Louder will be gotten. You will probably end up with about 10db /watt greater sensitivity on a properly loaded horn. And ideally a little less distortion.

Will it work?

THink and think some more. I'm not someone to give you the answer. It all depends on the configuration that you choose and what you yourself are happy with.

Mark is pretty much spot on, except that distortion in the passband should be a lot less due to the better loading and the much smaller displacement of the driver for the same SPL.

Go to http://www.volvotreter.de/ and download Erik's spreadsheet and the Bruce Edgar articles, study them, and then go to Audio Asylum Hi-Eff speaker archives and read for a week, especially all the posts by Dr Edgar, Tom Danley (tomservo), Mark Seaton, hancock, djk and others who know what they're doing.

Another link well worth reading.
There's also an calculator available online for this, but I can't find the URL.

Horns are the best, and designing them is fun, but it's much easier to stuff it up than with any other type of speaker.
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