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Mid Bass Horn Sadurni w/ Fane 8M Driver


I had the unique opportunity to buy a pair of unfinished Mid Bass Horns from Sadurni . you can google them to see the system he is selling commercially .

my paint job is far from what he offers , just a simple textured black . see photos .

the driver it comes with is the famous and now unobtainable Fane 8M .

i also attached a measurement graph which was supplied by Sadurni . As you can see with some boundary reinforcement it could easily be mated to a subwoofer , or better two , and a 1" driver on top .

these horns are big , but actually for what they do quiet reasonable in size . mouth opening is approx. 31" total length about 30" .

at this point i will only sell or deliver locally , a few hours drive from Madison WI .

asking price is $2500