Microswitch Needed for Onkyo CD Player

Hi everyone, I have an Onkyo DX2500 CD player that needs a new micro-switch that detects the position of the CD tray arm. I have the Service Manual and the part number needed is 25065321, (NMS-1113, Microswitch-Black), same as for the DX3500 and others. I do have a larger microswitch from a turntable, but really it's nearly twice the size and requires a fairly firm push to switch on/off. This Onkyo is a fine sounding little player and I'd love to get it up and running again, it's basically mint. Thanks a bunch if anyone knows where I can source one or two of these switches.
Look for 'Micro switch * mm x * mm x * mm', with NO /NC switching.
Quite common, they look a bit like mouse switches.
There is an Indian company Gilard, and I think Cherry also makes them, among other makers.
Mouser and their competitors would have in stock.
Proximity types are sometimes seen in equipment.
Different types of actuator, and side or end operated type are available.
Hi again, Phil, I kept it! In a box of opamps, so here are three pics that I hope are good enough, not the best of lighting conditions. It's only a tiny switch,
only 10mm by a few deep. Cheers.