Micro-precision speakers

When i visited the Guangzhou show in China, i listened to a pair of Görlich Podszus based 3 way fullrange speakers from Taiwan, and i was amazed about how dynamic they sounded without coloration. Very detailled, fast, transparent, and with great soundstage. I was quite surprised. That was one of the few unforgettable speakers i have in mind.

In the last few days, researching about these kind of speakers, i stumbled upon this small manufacturer from germany, who is specialized in the luxury car hi-fi market :

Micro-Precision Audio

the z-studio line is particularly interesting. I had a long very nice conversation on the phone with Thomas Hoffmann, the owner, which seems a very nice guy, and he explained me a lot of things about his company and speakers. Basically, all his speakers are carefully hand mande. Zellaton, which makes high-end speakers, are from 3 partners, of which two split from Thomas, and set-up their own brand. His goal is to make no-compromise speakers of the highest possible standard.

I thought that his 17cm mid-bass would be a great match with a amt from Beyma.

The only setback is their price. They are not cheap. In Japan , they retail over us$ 4k. a pair.....



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2013-05-10 4:11 pm
It seems they aremaking the drivers from billet aluminum which is milled to shape. Very time consuming. I thought only yg acoustics did this, but i have never heard any of them so cannot judge if its worthwhile.

4k woofers are perfect for selling $100,000 two way speakers. ;)