Mg944 =mtm 6s + super tweet.......

DECWARE MG944 high efficiency loudspeaker review

Out of production.

Here is a link to a forum of them.
Forums - MG944

Gr Research m130 (5.5"-6"). flat to 8khz.
M130 Woofer
Plus hivi rt1c with single cap, maybe 12khz pole.
HiVi RT1C-A Planar Isodynamic Tweeter

So, should run $100 a side not including box or capacitor.

Ideally the tweet may need to slide back 1/2".

Here is a 2013 video too.
I need to hear it with my headphones on.

I'm not totally sold on the 8" silver flutes, the 6.5s is better, but a single 6.5" is not big enough for me.

Think it's worth a try ??????