MFSL Rush albums?


2008-02-14 10:45 am
Permanent waves (we are speaking of this)is one of the better produced/recorded disc ever.

Also my Mercury italian pressing sound fantastic.

But I have a Japan white label prom now that sound way better...

Knowing MFSL for hois past history and works (which I own many if them), I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong....



2008-04-13 12:39 am

I liked the MFSL version of 2112. I don't know if the rest of them that I have are MFSL or not; I don't exactly have the CDs, uhm, anymore..:devilr:

I remember being at a high-end audio/home theater store (no, not best buy); and I listened to the MFSL version of Dark Side of the Moon on probably at least $10k worth of stuff. I don't remember exact makes and models; but they had an orgasmic tube amp; a cd player just as good; and those flat panel speakers..I don't remember the name of them but they're the ones that never caught on because they're inefficient as far as power usage goes. But it was the most amazing thing I ever heard...

My point is; MFSL in my experience makes good results; and if you really like a band I suggest the MFSL versions of their CD's (if they exist).