Metal work in Toronto

Hello folks,

I hope someone from Toronto can help me out. Shortly i will be building a rather large tube amplifier and need to know of a good metal supplier and/or metal shop in Toronto. I think ill have to have the chassis machined as some of the holes i need are rather large (a gm70 amp) and i think having the chassis machined will be cheaper then buying a single chassis punch from greenlee. Also any good chromer or finish shops ??
Hi HFGuy,
Machining can get expensive but you may be able to get the chassis cnc-turret-punched and bent, perhaps even with pre-polished sheet metal, which has a protective film that you peel off after the fabricating is finished.
I use a place out in Pickering for sheet metal parts, and there's a place in Scarborough doing chassis painting and silkscreening. Chrome I can't help with.
I know you are looking at having your chassis machined but there are good options other than Greenlee punches.

You can make the holes with bimetal hole saws on a power drill. I have drilled holes up to 2 1/2" diameter in 1/8" thick aluminum plate using both a drill press and a handheld drill. Larger holes are definitely possible, just a little slower.

I drill a pilot hole about 1/16" and then use the hole saw. Once the saw makes an initial mark on the metal add a few drops of cutting oil (you can just use a lightweight machine oil) and cut on through.

For smaller holes up to about 1" step drills work great.

Wear safety glasses and hearing protection (you want to be able to see the tubes and hear that amp once it is finished:D ).