Metal Sub Rattle, Rattle, Rattle!

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I think I did something stupid. I took an old harman kardon powered sub from a 2.1 system and modified it to fit in a 50 cal. ammo box (11x5x7). the amp is around 18w peak. Has 4" Driver. I mounted the speaker to the front of the box and cut a port around 1 1/2" Diameter also on the front. Tran and amp are mounted inside the enclosure. I also have a power switch and pot mounted to the face. I expected to have to dampen the vibration, but didn't expect this extreme amount of it.

Does anyone have any tips on dealing with this?
It's gonna be really, really, really tough. Bitumen speaker damping material comes to mind. You can get sheets or goop that you spread on the walls to cure.

May not be worth the trouble. Does the amp have a hi-pass? You're going to have a lot more ringing and rattling if you're not crossed over low or at all.
Thanks guys,

I regret starting the project, but now that i put the time into it, I'd like to get somewhat of a success. My next project may be to build an aquarium out of wood.:D

Im not sure how the signal is filtered. I do know the amp powered the satellites in addition to the sub. I had to bypass some volume pot connections on the board to get the signal to the sub.

Here's a question, generally does most of the vibration of an enclosure come from the speaker's mounting to the enclosure surface? I used a rubberized paper (make a gasket) as a gasket between the speaker and the enclosure, but would something softer and thicker perform better?
Hi Makerr,

At least you know what is making the noise, that's great! Have you tried silicone rubber caulk? It's a life saver regarding deadening noise and since your at it, a nice bead of silicone around the lid might come in handy. Oh! wait till it cures for 24 hours before closing the lid or you'll never get it open again. LOL

Thanks jwrisk,

I like to keep the lid operable, so I've cut a piece of 1/2" mdf and placed it right below the lid. oddly, just placing it in loose seemed to help a bit. I'm now trying to locate some rubber or similar to wrap around the edge of the mdf so it can be wedge in tightly but still can be removed. I think I'll also insulate the speaker's connection to the box with something a bit thicker that make-a-gasket.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.