Metal Halide Lamp

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i have an infocus lp720 projector and the lamp needs replacing but at £400 i cant afford it, however i came across a site here
which sells a metal halide bulb at £12.14 which has the same rating as my projector bulb, what i am asking is could i somehow take the bulb from its casing in my lamp holder from the projector and somehow fit this cheaper bulb in place of it, the lamp holder in the projector looks like i can take out the bulb and replace it, any thoughts or help on this matter would be appreciated

Have you done any research on this by yourself? The bulb you linked to is probably 2" in diameter and about 9"-10" long. Will that fit in your projector? Likely not. Further metal halide bulbs require a ballast to operate. Each type of ballast for regular lighting will only work with a specific wattage bulb. The ballast for your projector is likely even more specialize and will probably only work with the specific bulb designed for the projector. Short answer no.

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Well im no expert, in fact all i know about MH Bulbs i have read in this forum. But if you are talking about replacing the bulb in your projecter with one, im pretty sure that is what alot of the guys are doing. I do know MH bulbs require a ballist to start them, they seem to run about $75-100 for complete setup. If it fits would really depend on how much room you have. The do put off some heat, if you can gfit it.. you may need better cooling..
Then there is the amount of light it puts off. There are alot of things to look at, size of bulb, and the room you have, ballest and bulb are a must (and a socket to hold the bulb). then there is cooling, you may need more ( im not sure how much heat they put off). If your looking for a FOR SURE answer.. i dont think there are any. But if you look at a few webpages you may wont to drop a line to a few that have used MH Bulbs... wish i could help more, but thats about all i know at the moment.

cheers 4 the reply i was thinking that there must be some form of built in ballast in the projector for the bulb to work in the first place so i was just fishing to see if any of you folk have had a go, but the bulb i was looking at was rated the same as mine and it was metal halide with a lumen rating of 2000 which is better than mine anyway it also had a longer life span than mine, 6000 hours so as mentioned ealier the only problem there would be actual size of the bulb..... but hey thanx 4 the reply folks it will give me something to ponder on

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Is your projector a little box or an overhead projector type.
Like Bixs says it is highly unlikely a 12.14 pounds light will exactly replace a 400 pounds light.
If you have an overhead projector you could be lucky. The guys here replace lights (and ballasts) regularly without serious problems. If its a small box projector that could be a problem.
yes its a small modern type projector but the lamp casing looks like its the main specialist unit rather than the bulb, thats why i thought replacing the bulb rather than the unit would be easier and the bulb is rated at exactly the same as mine and its also metal halide like mine so i dont know what the problem could be thats why i asked here

thanx for the reply

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