Merry Christmas all folks, all moderators and forum readers

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Peace for everybody...time to forgive and to reach the family to enjoy good moments together.

Nice forum wall paper.... the stars are pretty.... good idea.

To moderators my thanks, by the support you all gave me, the patience with my "exotic" behavior... and i forgive you all when have not defended me or accepted my complains..all clear now a days..time had fixed all those things.... and my enemies were not so terrible that way too.

To my nearby moderators, the ones more close to me, and they know who they hug and my thanks.

be happy folks, i hope we will be all together next year.

Fair Weldon... a very good moderator, my congratulations!

Lovely Santa Klaus hat...lovely things ....really nice!


I love you too SY.... in special because you are that nice big Daddy you are

Lovely picture.... you and your beautifull son.... ligth blond small boy... making pizza.

Some images tell thousand words about ourselves... and someone so lovely taking care of his son has to be a very good person.

Every year i use to send you my best wishes to the new year.

This year would be the same way... as those last past years.

Energy beeing sent to you...much appreciated person you are.

We share the same feeling Stuart Yanniger


For all of us dear Salas

I wish you the best... in the reality i wish the best to all mankind... i love to see people happy.

We had all chances to be very happy... we made a lot of mess in our lives... we, humans, we did all the mess.

have you watched.... lovely thing the snow over the logo

Our forum could have small audio... some sequence of wave with gingle bells playing ...heheh.... nice!


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haapy holidays...


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AKSA said:

I second Stuart's comments..... you are very unusual, very warm, and very sincere. It is nice to see someone unafraid to 'wear his heart on his sleeve'.

Merry Christmas, and good health - you must eat less, and exercise more......



I agree with you Hugh, Carlos 'wear his heart on his sleeve' and he his happy wen others are happy.

Thank you.... also to the others cooperated with the thread

Thank you, dear Planet 10 by your visit...was nice to see you around.

The image i am posting i felt funny...had animation.... Santa Klaus was shaking the belly and the hear bumpers...was funny...i do not think shocking or not decent.

If moderators perceive that image as "too much"... be welcome and free to problems.... my intention is the best possible, but sometimes, as everybody...i use to exceed a little my freedom limits.




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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.